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Environmental and Administrative Law Practice Group

Bessenyey & Van Tuyn LLC includes attorneys with expertise in Environmental, Natural Resources, Energy, and Administrative Law. The attorneys within the firm’s Environmental & Administrative Law Practice Group have over 60 years of collective experience in federal and state court litigation, along with representation of clients before federal, state, and local agencies as well as legislative branches. We specialize in comprehensive counseling and representation of our clients, helping them successfully and efficiently navigate complex legal and political landscapes in pursuit of their goals.

The Environmental & Administrative Law Practice Group is led by the firm’s managing partner Peter Van Tuyn. The practice group also includes senior attorney Teresa Clemmer and associate attorney Karen Schmidt. Bessenyey & Van Tuyn LLC attorneys have received Best Lawyer and Super Lawyer recognition, and the firm has received Best Law Firm recognition from U.S. News & World Report in the areas of Environmental Law, Natural Resource Law, and Environmental Litigation. We have substantial experience working with a wide range of individual and organizational clients on a variety of projects – from high profile and controversial energy, environmental and human rights projects to regional, local and individual projects throughout Alaska.

We pride ourselves on overcoming the various challenges (e.g., funding limitations, remote sites, conflicting interests and ideologies, cross-cultural communication, overlapping agency responsibilities) that often can be barriers to successful achievement of a client’s goals in the unique circumstances often present in Alaska. In addressing these challenges, we frequently work as part of inter-disciplinary teams to achieve our client’s goals, including scientific, engineering, economic, and media experts. Throughout all these efforts, we remain vigorous advocates in pursuit of our clients’ goals.

Client references and fee schedule available upon request.

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